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I have always considered myself a little bit of a wellness junkie and didn't discover Young Living essential oils until 2016.  It wasn't until 2018 that I started getting serious about essential oils in my daily health routine.   Prior to that, It was hard to find a company that had pure therapeutic oils, you knew where they came from and what to do with them.  For me, that was important.  I have never used cleaning products once my babies were born so it was the eliminating of all personal care products, make up and body washes and lotions that I started with.

But what I didn't imagine was the wellness that started to take place within.  I started regulating my hormones, emotions and found a whole new world of like minded people.  Being around a tribe of like minded people I started learning more about the  power of positive affirmations and essential oils.

After attending the last live YL Conference in Salt Lake City, UT in 2019, that is where I saw what kind of company Young Living was.  The importance of farming and quality of your oils.  It all became real!  I love being able to show people how these plant oils and the wellness box can have a positive impact on you and your families lives.  If you ask anyone about me, my fault is I talk non stop about essential oils and how they can help everyone including your plants to your pets.

I have also been a beekeeper for the last 10 years and have several hives in my community.  Essential Oils and beekeeper are similar in the way that you will not ever know everything.  And I accept that challenge of continuously learning.

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